Site going down every 10 minutes

We still have a customer in Cyprus in Europe saying they cannot access our app - they have rebooted their router, tried using a WiFi hotspot, etc. Any troubleshooting tips we can provide? Their ISP is Cablenet.

Hi everyone, please view this status page here with updates. We are aware of the issue

@SamO that’s the thing, even after the reported resolution an hour ago, our customer in Cyprus in Europe is saying they cannot access our app - they have rebooted their router, tried using a WiFi hotspot, etc. Any troubleshooting tips we can provide? Their ISP is Cablenet.

Yep. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing

This error is starting again. Really ridiculous. None of the images load on our NextJs site now, as Netlify edge functions are failing again!

his edge function has crashed

An unhandled error in the function code triggered the following message:

The deployment failed while serving the request.

Connection details

Netlify internal ID: 01GMBG39C2MCCYT4H440JC4Y6J

Should I start new topic on this? Why is your edge network always failing?

Does anyone actually monitor the server at Netlify? Why do we have to report edge function failures and then an hour later, the error is acknowledged?

Seriously, this is ridiculous

And this is your status page. What gives??

are you running NextJs by any chance?

Nope. Running an 11ty site. We have a few simple edge functions checking incoming cookies for authentication / checking permissions for gated content, no external dependencies, no network access at the edge. Only using the built-in Deno Web API.

Yeah, their edge network is just not working. how they claim its operational is beyond me. It’s been failing every day now for last 10 days, for hours at time. Costing us biz. In about an hour, they will pop in here and update their status page to reflect that the edge network is down again.

I hear you. We ran a full stack on AWS for 10 years using RDS, Elasticache, Cloudfront and EC2 on custom .Net code, we had ONE outage. We decided to simplify our stack and reduce tech debt by going JAMStack with a modern PAAS, and it’s costing us dearly. This is our busiest time of the year and I have to deal with daily support requests about our site being down. First time we’ve had to deal with this in 20 years running this business.

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Netlify has been great for a few years. Just started to fail miserably 10 days ago. Literally every day it is down and they never update their status! Our entire site is down now! What is wrong with Netlify?

Apparently, Netlify has probably laid off a bunch of support staff. As this is completely outrageous. They are still saying; “All systems operational” This is a flat out lie. Edge is down for 2 hours and counting now.

Hard to believe, I’m still the only site in the world on Netlify that is still malfunctioning? The site goes down every 10 minutes. Edge functions are not working. Nobody else?

We are down again also!

We are experiencing the same issue.

When we delete/disable our edge functions, the site operates correctly.

Apparently, we are all too small for Netlify to care. Edge functions are not working at all. They go up and down every 10 minutes. Same error every day for 10 days already. Today is the worst day, though, by far. Especially, since Netlify refuses to acknowledge their network is malfunctioning. I guess it will take a really big client having massive failure for them to acknowledge the problem.

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Hello folks,

My apologies I did not see this thread earlier-- I have passed along all of your feedback and we have an engineering team investigating as we speak. I will follow up here when I have more information.

Hi folks,

I run our Support team and I’ll admit today wasn’t a great day for stability in edge functions. I don’t know if everyone who reported issues today in this thread is using Edge Functions, but the symptoms of an issue we were working on today with our partner Deno sure do line up with at least @daniel.hedrick 's report.

While this is not the uptime we intend, it also affected only edge functions. Edge functions are an experimental feature, not yet released as GA, and thus not 100% stable. We say this in our documentation as clearly as we can

Your choice to use edge functions is one you should make with your business in mind: are you ok relying on a beta service that sometimes has issues, and an API implementation that could change? Great, Edge Functions are for you. Do you need 100% stability? Edge Functions are not (yet) for you. Use lambdas instead! Most of our frameworks that use edge functions have an option for that. Let us know if you can’t find it, and we’ll guide you to it.

Going forward, we’ll continue to work on stability, and when we do release as GA, we’ll provide an SLA for our enterprise customers for them, and we’ll expect them to be stable, and we’ll statuspage about issues running a small percentage of edge functions - which is what happened today.

When we release as GA, we’ll make a lot of noise, publicizing the launch, removing the beta lable from the docs, etc. So you won’t be able to miss it. But until then, please set expectations around the stability of this feature that match its experimental nature.