All of my websites hosted on netlify went down

There are no errors, build was successful, all of the functions are working and the landing page is static.

Link to one of the websites:

Safari shows blank screen, chrome says website returned code 500.

I’ve noticed it is down after a deployment, second website went down without me touching anything yesterday it worked today it doesn’t. It also happened a few weeks ago and I solved it by removing my sites and deploying them again hoping it was a one time bug, but as it turns out it wasn’t.

I know I’m on the free plan, but I will upgrade as soon as I’m ready for production. However, I need to be sure something like this won’t happen then.

(I still have a lot of bandwidth and build minutes left)

I would really appreciate any help. I have no idea what could have happened and I don’t think it could have been my fault as I didn’t change pretty much anything and the only other external resource - db is working.


Thanks for reaching out a few other people have mentioned this issue today but have since been resolved. i checked your most recent deploy was successful, but when I check your site this is what I see.

What version of next.js are you using?

Seems like I have the same issue I am getting 500 error on my next js application without changing any code
As far as I understand my issue is related to nextjs middleware. I am still trying to find a solution

I’m using nextjs 13.3.0

I’ve done some googling and it seems like this error is caused mainly by connectivity issues or server not running - still no idea what could be wrong

The site you’ve mentioned seems to be deleted. Is there a site we can check?

Without support or any ideas on how to fix the issue and make sure it won’t repeat in production I was forced to change the hosting provider.

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