Server IP address could not be found for custom subdomain

My site is successfully deployed to I set up a custom subdomain for the site at, but I get a “server IP address could not be found” error when visiting the address.

I have the primary domain set up with another Netlify site and the DNS records are managed with Netlify. I can’t figure out why the “fgc” subdomain is not propagating.

Thanks in advance.

@adamlucero42 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Have you tried deleting and re-adding your custom sub-domain?

Can you provide a screen shot of your DNS settings?

I did try deleting and re-adding the custom sub-domain.

I have attached images of the DNS Records for the primary domain.

@adamlucero42 That looks good so far. Do you have the correct DNS settings on your site so that it knows what to do with this CNAME?

I’m not sure… Here’s what I have for that one.

@adamlucero42 This appears to be what’s causing the problem.

There must be a way of doing this, but I’m not coming up with it at the moment. Sorry.

I wonder if instead of setting up a DNS sub-domain, you could handle this with a redirect?

Obviously, you could do this with an external (non-Netlify) DNS, too.

Do you know how I can remove from the DNS records? It won’t allow me to remove a Netlify record.

Hi, @adamlucero42, those records have been updated and you can delete them now.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

I can’t seem to get my apex domain and sub-domain working at the same time.

When I use GoDaddy’s nameservers:

  1. I can add my custom sub-domain as a CNAME and it works fine
  2. The apex domain pointing at Netlify’s load-balancer does not work
  3. CNAME for www pointing at Netlify subdomain does not work

When I use Netlify nameservers:

  1. Apex domain and www work fine
  2. CNAME for custom sub-domain pointing at Netlify subdomain does not work

I’ve attached a screenshot of my GoDaddy DNS records. Maybe you can see an issue…

You seem not to have a DNS entry for your www sub-domain. Could that be it?

Hi, @adamlucero42, I checked both and just now and there was an SSL certificate issue for

This was resolved with the “Renew certificate” button here:

Regarding the fgc subdomain, it was added to this site here:

If there are still issues with the fgc subdomain, do the the following steps in this order (the order is important):

  1. Delete the CNAME record here. (<- this appear to have already been done)
  2. Delete the name from the site you do not want it to point to under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains.
  3. Add the domain name to the site you do want it to point to under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains.

Once this is done, the subdomain will show the site it was added to in step three above.

If there are still issues after doing this, please let us know.