Server error (5xx)

I am getting the error Server error (5xx) on Google Search console.
It shows pages that it says have failed, however, when I try them they work fine.

Can anyone assist?

Could you share site URL?

And from my little experience, I think it’s fine to ignore those, they fix themselves automatically as long as your site is not actually getting 5xx errors.


The URL is:


Hi @PatN123,

As I can see, the site appears to work perfectly fine. Would it be possible to get any additional logs from Google or at least the exact status code that they got?

This is all they show me:

I also noticed that Google Index seems to fail, but the live test passes:

There is no support option for Google Search Console, so I am unsure how to get the status code.

Hey @hrishikesh,

I posted in the Google Community: 5xx error when the pages work - Google Search Central Community

Seems like they’re getting an error. Is this a Netlify issue?

I think I know where the error is coming from. Since your site is static (it’s a Docusaurus site which is based on React), there was no reason for server side error codes. But i checked now, and you’ve enabled Pre-rendering: Netlify App. If you disable that, the errors should be gone.

Alright thanks. I will disable that.
The description of Prerendering looked appealing, that’s why I enabled it haha

Thanks again!

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@hrishikesh the link is broken !!

Hey @ravi , the link that Hrishikesh shared was for the other customer’s Netlify app which is why you’re not able to see it. Are you seeing this same issue as of now? Let us know, and we’d be happy to take a look at your site!