Home page not pre rendering while sub pages do

I use pre rendering on my react-app https://gg-react.netlify.com/

But when I ask google to explore it in the search console, it gives me an Error 5xx as it can’t explore the website.

Also the Curl command returns nothing.

curl -A twitterbot https://gg-react.netlify.com/

But for the other pages of my app, both google and Curl command can explore the pre-rendered content.

Below is a screen of the Curl command on sub page Vs home page.

I added a _redirects file at the root of the build with this instruction

/* /index.html 200

What did I miss to resolve my problem?

Something about that content causes our prerender service to time out. I wish we had better logging here to show you, but essentially those requests time out after waiting 24s for a response from our prerender service. Do you by chance set window.prerenderReady to false on your page? If you do, you are never updating it to true which will cause a timeout. If not, it’s something else about your JS code.

You can follow our advice around running locally from the repo to try to debug locally:

Thanks for your answer but running prerender locally doesn’t help because it doesn’t give any error.

What’s strange is Search Console succeed to load other pages which use the same exact scripts.

Moreover, the homepage can be explored by the Google PageSpeed insight and many other testing tools without error and load times not bad.

I do not use the window.prerenderReady shall I?

I’m quite new with React and Netlify. Any help appreciated :blush:


Yea, try setting window.prerenderReady to true and see if that helps.