Prerendering timeout

Hi guys! I’ve just activated prerendering on my freshly deployed site (
Unfortunately it time’s out both on the facebook share debugger and on Chrome setting googlebot as the agent.
While it’s working fine on my other sites

Thanks for your help in advance

Hi, @rankout. I’m showing prerendering is working for this site now. A new deploy is required for prerendering to take effect. Was a new deploy made after enabling prerendering?

I do see a deploy of this site which is newer than this topic. That may be what resolved the issue.

If there are other questions about this (or if prerendering still isn’t working when you test), please let us know.

Hi luke, thank’s I added the window.prerenderReady and seems to be working now
Weird thing with Facebook tho, it prerenders but it seems to be taking always the homepage

While twitter works fine

I am showing that there is a redirect rule for single page applications enabled for this site at Netlify:

/*    /index.html   200

So, in order to not redirect to the /index.html for this URL:

One of the two following files must exist in the current deploy:

  • e/v7GyUAL6VQnpR8CiHyR0.html
  • e/v7GyUAL6VQnpR8CiHyR0/index.html

Because neither file is part of the current deploy, the redirect above will take effect.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.