Pre Rendering Not Working!

Hello, my site name is Vacbid.Com,
I use Prerendering and react. Prerendering not working

As far as I can tell, when using Googlebot as the user agent, the content is being served as expected:

This indicates that the prerendering is working.

Considering this is your HTML content:

I can see that prerendering is working as expected.

This is exactly what I want to say. There are no meta ethics here. It follows from this that the pre-render process does not work.

I cannot add a screenshot. But for example this tag does not exist!

![Ekran Görüntüsü (257)|690x388](upload://8XB0mIhfUHMvSXyvallAxGtYKwY.jpeg)

Official tools appear to be working:

This is Facebook’s official sharing debugger.

But meta names not working.

I’m not sure what you mean. In your screenshot I can see the meta tags exist.

It’s not in what you shared. Here’s the problem. It is not pre-rendered. Meta tags do not appear in the html file you shared in your first answer. But normally there is.

Do you mean:

That file?

If so, again, that’s working as expected. That request was not made with the user agent of a bot. Prerendering only works for bot user agents.

If you make a request with a bot user agent, the tags will load. I even showed you the evidence in Facebook’s screenshot.

Do you have something that confirms prerendering is not working?

I thought you made a request like a bot user. When I brought the waterfall like a bot user in the first picture, I thought the second one was brought like a bot user. Thank you. Then it means it’s working. Thank you.