SavvyBot, please stop PMing me about unsolved issues!

Can we do something about SavvyBot PMing us all the time about unsolved support threads? Even when I post again in said threads it keeps nagging me, and I can’t block it. If this keeps going I’ll have to close my support account.

hey smashmaniac,

savvybot is set up to only ask twice (for each thread). If there are any threads where you’ve been asked more than twice OR in general you don’t want to be nagged, can you post them below? i can make a special thing happen so she won’t ask again. thanks!

It’s not about specific threads, but thanks for offering to silence some of them! Also, so far I was not nagged more than twice per thread, so it does appear to work as designed for now.

My issue is more about the fact that this delayed “please pick a post as the solution” notification exists in the first place. I’m not sure what was the problem Netlify was trying to solve here, but sending unsolicited PMs/emails to users doesn’t seem like a good solution to me regardless of said problem.

The current implementation doesn’t help things either. Receiving a PM per thread sent at seemingly-random moments throughout the weeks, and multiple times to boot, is really annoying. Worse, the message sounds like Netlify believes a proper solution was posted and that I did something wrong, even though my original posts weren’t problems to begin with or have yet to be solved. It also implies that not bumping these old threads (seemingly against Netlify’s Code of Conduct since doing so does not add anything new to the conversation) would cause the issues I raised in them to never be fixed.

Considering this, is it possible to completely disable this notification for all past and future threads?

Hi there,

I asked for the implementation of this bot not so much to solve a problem but to improve the value of threads here in the forums. Ideally, we want folks using netlify to be able to find solutions to their own problems by searching for answers - that will always be quicker than asking a new question.

it is more likely that a person will feel they can trust the answers in the thread if an actual solution is provided.

We’ve seen a big uptick in people marking solutions for their posts, so while I understand this is frustrating for some, especially when the thread does not have a solution, we’re not going to remove the bot as it does serve the greater good and it’s generally doing its job well. Everyone gets the same message, so no personal cricitism or responsibility should be implied. You’re free to ignore the messages!

I should point out that the bot encourages people to mark irrelevant posts as solutions. I even did so myself to make SavvyBot shut up on a thread where I just sent a kudos to the Netlify staff for being so responsive on these forums. (Speaking of which, thanks again for that!)

Unfortunately, the only proper way for me to ignore these messages is to disable all email notifications from these forums though, which I just did. Otherwise, I get notified every time an email ends up in my inbox, which causes me to interrupt whatever I’m doing to check if it’s important, and I can’t filter these PMs out from my emails without risking to miss something important since Netlify is my website host provider.

I just hope I won’t miss messages from staff users about my bug reports for too many months due to this… :frowning:

the way the bot is supposed to work is that it asks the person who started the thread if they are ready to pick a solution. has that not been the case for you? because if there is a bug and the wrong people are getting notified, then of course we’d want to fix that asap.

Not with that wording, at least. The current wording sounds more like “hey, you’re ghosting people, please fix your behavior”.Asking for readiness wiould still be annoying, but at least not assuming bad behavior or sounding forceful about it would be a noticeable improvement.

Here’s the exact message that I have every time, this time for this very thread:

This is an automated message - we saw you posted a question in our forums which is likely solved, but we didn’t see you mark a solution. Marking questions as solved greatly helps other people find answers to their questions.

Please pick a solution by activating the checkbox you can see underneath the post that solves your question:


Question not solved? Let’s get you some more help. Please post again in the thread so we can keep assisting!

Sorry for the delay in this reply - as I previously mentioned I had to disable email notifications due to this issue so I can’t easily track activity in this forum anymore.

hi again, can you confirm you are only receiving these notices for threads you have started?

Yes, I believe it is only for threads I have started. Sorry again for the long delay in reply due to my disabling of email notifications.

Hey @SmashManiac ,

We’ve modified the behavior of SavvyBot since you’ve last visited the forums. You should not run into this issue again, but please us know if SavvyBot pms you about another post or your car’s extended warranty.

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