Safari - This connection is not private


bought my domain from namecheap and linked it to my Netlify page. Now on Google Chrome I’m fine and can access both and

However, Safari is showing me that, when entering through that the connection is not private. What could I possibly do to fix this?

@kiamfr You will have to share your custom domain before anyone can help you with this.

I’m sorry! It’s this one

@kiamfr That’s actually your Netlify subdomain, not the custom domain you say you bought. The SSL certificate for the Netlify subdomain seems to be fine.

I’m sorry, I’m still very new to this domain buying and connecting. the domain I bought is

@kiamfr OK, I see what you’re seeing now.

In your Netlify dashboard, do you have set as the primary domain?

You should have something that looks like this, but with your domain, of course:

Yes, it looks exactly like this for me

@kiamfr OK, then it’s time to get an expert involved. They might have to scrap and reorder your SSL certificate.

hi kiamfr, this seems to be working?
what do you see on your end?


It’s not about the but the is throwing a warning

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Update - I clicked on renew certificate and now everything is working :slight_smile: