Not secure connection without "https://"

Netlify and site-building newbie here! I’ll start off by saying I know nothing about HTML, DNS and what not, so I’m sorry if I’m missing anything that’s super easy or using wrong words describing my issue!

Anyways, a couple months ago I bought a domain, built a super simple website and changed the name servers to Netlify’s ones, and everything went smoothly. The reason why I bought the domain in the first place was to use it as a custom domain for an artist’s landing page, and to do so I needed to add a CNAME record for Unfortunately (or maybe it’s just the way it is for everyone), my registrar ( doesn’t allow to add any record if you’re not using their DNS, so I had to switch back to their ones, add an A record pointed to Netlify’s load balancer IP address and add said CNAME record.

I had no problems doing so for the first three domains I had to manage, but for some reason something wasn’t the same for the fourth one. If I visit my website (which is just a blank page at the moment) from Safari on iOS either by typing or, the connection shows as “not secure”, while if I add the “https://” in or just visit the website in any way from a computer I’m always redirected to the https version and everything’s fine.

What could be causing this? How could I try solve it? Let me know if you might need more infos to address the issue.

Thanks in advance!

As of now, I am not seeing any issues with loading your site. Is this resolved?

It doesn’t seem resolved on my side! It still shows as not secure on Safari on iOS. I tried to visit it on multiple devices.

That does sound like either some local cache or cache with your network. Try using a VPN.

Unfortunately I don’t have a VPN on my phone, but if you visited it on iOS and it looked fine I guess I’ll just wait some time and take your word for it for now! I didn’t know cache with the network was a thing, I thought visiting it from multiple devices would have been enough to test it.

Thanks for your time and support! Have a good one!