Site can't provide a secure connection

I have not changed my codebase in multiple weeks or released a new deploy. This morning I noticed on Safari that when I visit my site URL I get an error saying “Safari can’t establish a secure connection”. Tested on Firefox, and similar message: “Secure Site Not Available”. In Chrome, I see “This site can’t provide a secure sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.”

I have tried clearing my cache on all browsers, and also opening the URL in incognito windows, but error still appears.

In my “Domain management” tab in Netlify, I am using the default “Let’s Encrypt” for my SSL certificate. Nothing looks like an error here, but I am seeing it was updated on Mar 23 at 4:51 PM. Not sure if that is related to the error, but given the timing (I just noticed the error today) it might be worth mentioning.

I see no issues accessing which redirects to Both have valid SSL.

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Hi @bendoesdata,

Thanks for reaching out!

As @dig mentioned, the site seems to be using HTTPS. I do see on the account that the SSL Certificate was updated on March 23, 2024. Visiting the site also resolves properly with SSL. Also Netlify name servers are configured for DNS:

dig NS +trace | tail -n 6	3600	IN	NS	3600	IN	NS	3600	IN	NS	3600	IN	NS
;; Received 138 bytes from in 30 ms

Could you let us know if you’re still seeing issues?