I set up a custom domain but it doesn't work on Safari

Hey, so I connected my domain and enabled SSL/HTTPS using Netlif. I previously tried to do this through my domain provider. Basically, the site works on chrome, but not on Safari. I’m not really sure what to do so here’s a bunch of screenshots that might help. If seeing my DNS records would help, lmk.

Here’s a look at my domain page on Netlify.


I referenced:www.benjaminhoppe.co, It can be perfectly referenced.
Perhaps it can be referenced over time, depending on the specifications of the name server.
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Hi there,

It looks like your domain’s DNS settings for benjaminhoppe.co aren’t setup properly:

Trying "benjaminhoppe.co"
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 53046
;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 11, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0

;benjaminhoppe.co.		IN	ANY

benjaminhoppe.co.	3599	IN	A
benjaminhoppe.co.	3599	IN	A

You should only have a single A record with a value of, and remove the A record with the 66 record. Once you’ve done that, let us know if you continue to have trouble. Thanks!

Hey, thanks for getting back to me. Still having issues on Safari only in some cases. When I use https://benjaminhoppe.co or benjaminhoppe.co

www. Seems to work fine.



Your domain seems to be working in Safari for me, but your DNS records need some attention. You seem to have your custom domain name pointing at your Netlify domain name with a CNAME record, with a separate entry for your Netlify domain name.

You seem also to have eight (!) name servers set up. Are you trying to use both Google and Netlify as DNS servers?

Yeah it’s kind of a mess, need help fixing haha, probably not trying to host both Netlify and Google, but am connecting G-Suite for this custom email



If you can provide more details, maybe we can help. Which DNS do you want to use, for starters?

Netlify, I’m not sure if you need a DNS for G-Suite, so please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject



Well, start out by making a copy (or at least getting a screen grab) of your DNS settings with your current registrar(s), but if you want to use Netlify, then Netlify will set your A records properly, so all you’ll have to do is enter your CNAME, MX, and TEXT records.

I found this online, in case it helps:


Then at your registrar, set the DNS to point to the Netlify name servers, of which is named using the following pattern: