Running "netlify dev" on a http2 dev server

My local environment was running smoothly with netlify dev booting my custom “framework”, which simply started an http server using browser-sync. However, I wanted my local dev environment to use http2, so I updated my “framework” accordingly. So far so good. Now when I start my server using netlify dev, my custom framework is serving everything well with http2 at port 8000, but the netlify layer at port 9000 is hanging. The cli says error while proxying request: socket hang up. I’ve been searching for a solution all day long, but ended up clueless as to what’s the problem.

Can you help me out? Below’s my netlify.toml. If I can clarify anything further, please let me know.

  functions = "build/functions"
  base = ""
  publish = "build"
  command = "npm run deploy"

  framework = "#custom"
  command = "koios dev"
  targetPort = 8000
  port = 9000
  publish = "build"
  autoLaunch = false

  certFile = "cert/localhost-cert.pem"
  keyFile = "cert/localhost-privkey.pem"

Hey @hylmar,

I believe, you have more chances of getting support about this directly on the CLI repo. While these features are expected to work, you’re definitely having a unique on a non-typical setup. While we can try to debug it if you can provide a reproduction, I still think the CLI team would be able to advise more about this.

Thank you @hrishikesh, I’ll try the CLI repo.