Netlify dev command terminates every time

The site is linked properly, but when I run netlify dev, this is the output that I get:

It connects and then immediately terminates.

I’m using:

  • netlify-cli @ 2.25.0 (latest)
  • yarn @ 1.19.1
  • MacOS Catalina @ 10.15.2 (latest)
  • No netlify.toml file because I just used netlify init to connect to my project.

I have the same problem, with the same setup: netlify dev terminates immediately. Any luck?

No luck. Let me know if you find a solution!

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I think there is currently an open Netlify CLI issue that may be related to this. Might be worth a look:-

Looks like that issue was fixed in the latest version. Can y’all update to 2.26.0 and see if that helped?

Thanks @Dennis I’ve updated to the latest version netlify-cli@2.29.0 and the issue does seem to be fixed now.

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