Netlify CLI netlify dev error while proxying request: socket hang up

Hi, I’m trying to run netlify dev in my project so I can run serverless functions locally. I have the latest version of netlify-cli/3.13.7 darwin-x64 node-v15.10.0 running on my machine. The error I’m experiencing when running netlify dev from my cli is…

Then it opens up http://localhost:8888/ and is stuck in the reloading state infinitely.
My netlify.toml reads…
command = “yarn run build”
functions = “functions”
In addition in when running netlify status Netlify user and site info are correct.
If I’m missing any information or steps please advise. Thanks in advance for your help!

hi there! could you try upgrading to the latest version of the CLI (3.13.8) and see if that helps? if not, please do post an issue here (if none exists) so the CLI team can chase this down!


Hi Perry,

Thanks for your response, I’ve updated my CLI but still having the same issue. I’ve posted the issue, hopefully we can get this resolved.


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Hi @perry, I’ve resolved this issue, the problem was my .env files were conflicting with the environment variables I had set in Netlify UI. Best!

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