Netlify CLI won't run _any_ build commands

I’m trying to use the Netlify CLI to run my app, which is a monorepo. This is the command and output I get:

yarn netlify dev --filter issue-form
◈ Netlify Dev ◈
◈ Injecting environment variable values for all scopes
◈ Ignored general context env var: LANG (defined in process)
◈ Setting up local development server
◈ Starting Netlify Dev with Vite
⠋ Waiting for framework port 5173. This can be configured using the 'targetPort' property in the netlify.toml◈ Failed running command: turbo run dev --filter issue-form. Please verify 'turbo' exists

No matter what command I use, it fails with the “Please verify ‘x’ exists” message.

If I update my netlify.toml to this for that app:

  command = "echo 123"

It ends with the message:

◈ Failed running command: echo 123. Please verify 'echo' exists

What do I need to change in my configuration or how I call netlify dev to make this work?

Please share a minimal example to reproduce this problem.