Debugging dev issues

Yesterday I began working on a new Eleventy site and was using Netlify Dev to test. I rebooted and today something seems off. When I run ntl dev, everything proceeds as normal and seems fine, but if I go to the port, nothing responds. I then tried ntl dev --debug and got this:

How do I proceed if I can’t tell what the CLI is trying to dump?

So a complete reboot fixed, but is there something I could have done? I tried looking for a random hanging process, but wasn’t able to find one.

hmm, that’s odd. which. version are you using? :thinking:

It was 2.58. Running 2.59 currently.

hi again, after poking around a bit, i think my best recommendation is still to file an issue here:

Where we can find the right person to take a look at this more easily. Thanks!