Routine cleanup should be setup to remove deleted teams of deleted accounts

Otherwise slugs of teams for those deleted accounts won’t get released and will be permanently unavailable.

Thanks, great suggestion! We do intend to do this. The reason we don’t delete everything immediately is that you’d be surprised how many people make it through the deletion dialog where we MAKE YOU AGREE IT WILL ALL BE DELETED FOREVER and then write back saying “oh actually that was an accident?” - so we keep things around for a bit when possible (not in the case of site deletion or DNS Zone deletion; only accounts).

Also, we expect folks to only delete their account when they leave our service forever, so few would return to reuse a slug.

If there’s one you want for some reason that you think is from a deleted account, feel free to ask and we can adjust it as a one-time favor. If it’s from a previous account of yours, though, we might first start off with asking why you removed and then came back :slight_smile:

sure, should be possible for you to reuse now.