Route53 Domain for Netlify hosted site


I’m trying to configure the DNS settings for my netfliy site: to point towards my domain (registered using Route53). I already set the Netlify NS records within route53 as instructed and it’s been over 24 hours but the propagation hasn’t worked.

I also happen to have an SOA record in route53 which doesn’t appear to have an equivalent in netlify - could this be the issue?

Also, the SOA record and NS records are the only records I have within my Route53 configuration.

You’re not using Netlify DNS:

Check out:

and compare the output I shared above.

Hi! I’ve tried updating the settings using the various resources provided but still not getting the propagation right.

Below is my Route53 settings just in case I’m missing something.

This is exactly what’s explained in that guide. Adding nameservers in your DNS managenet area is not the way to handle this. You need to change your nameservers in the domain’s settings. This is also explained in AWS docs: Adding or changing name servers and glue records for a domain - Amazon Route 53

Got it to work, thanks!