Root domain issue with Netlify DNS

Netlfiy sitename:

Hey, I recently migrated DNS from Name Cheap to Netlify, by copying over the DNS records. The reason I did so is because I was originally having problems with the root domain, where it was not forwarding to the sitename. So I tried adding an Alias record and an A record to no avail.

With that, I decided to move over the DNS records to Netlify. But I am afraid the problem still exists. I can demonstrate what happens as follows:

As you can see

does not currently forward to the correct SSL end point. works fine.

I have Let’s Encrypt enabled.

Also if you head to: and type in, the error message will show there (Error: Timeout Error when fetching URL

Not sure what I am missing here. Appreciate your help and keep up the awesome work.


@iz1 When you say you moved your DNS records to Netlify, did you move every record you had at NameCheap to Netlify? If so, that may be part of your issue.

I see you are using Netlify DNS, but if you entered A or CNAME records (for instance), those could be redirecting your queries into the great bitbucket in the sky.

It looks as though you don’t have e-mail set up for this custom domain, so you should have just the four main DNS entries in your Netlify DNS dashboard, like this:

These entries are enough to get your site to load in a browser.

If your DNS entries in the Netlify DNS dashboard look similar to this but your site isn’t loading, it’s possible there’s a glitch somewhere, but that’s usually easily handled by deleting everything and starting over.

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Thanks for the speedy help @gregraven

So we would have only had two records in Namecheap, the two records for Netflify: the CNAME and the A. No records we added to Netlify.

My list of DNS entries in netlify look like yours, accept instead of; it’s (I wouldn’t have that this being of significance).

There might be something unusual going on there, since this exact problem was there when DNS records were on Namecheap (and is the reason why I moved everything over to Netlify in the first place).

Ok I’ll try and delete everything: DNS records, and the SSL stuff and start over. I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Ok I have deleted both domains on Netlify and restarted, that has resolved it perfectly. I hadn’t deleted the domain in Netlify when I moved the DNS records from Namecheap to Netlfiy; so starting fresh resolved it!

Thank you for your help once more :slight_smile:\


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