Rewrites/proxies for root/home domain pages

Hi team -

I am currently configuring Netlify rewrites. I am doing this because I would like to use Framer Sites to manage the landing page experience, terms of use page, and privacy page of my React front-end application. The desired outcome is to have Framer manage marketing/content-based pages, and have our React application manage all other pages.

In summary, our desired experience is: *

  • Requirement 1: When users go to mywebsite[dot]com/terms or mysebsite[dot]com/privacy, they should see a Framer Sites page
  • Requirement 2: When users go to mywebsite[dot]com, they should see a landing page managed by Framer Sites
  • Requirement 3: When users go to any other domain (i.e. mywebsite[dot]com/*), they should see pages managed/routed by the React application

So far, I’ve learned that:

However, the requirement I’m having an issue with is number 3: Is there a configuration option that would allow me to route/rewrite all subpaths, except for the landing page and a specified set of subpaths, to the react application?

Netlify site name:

Hey @julianh

If you have the A record for a custom domain pointing to another location, you cannot use it on Netlify. To access or on Netlify, the domain needs to point to Netlify.

On Netlify you can have a proxy such as

/terms    200!

which will make content from available via /terms of you domain (e.g. or custom-domain.tld/terms)

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