Deploying Multiple React apps to one domain

After reading/troubleshooting from the follow and docs:

My Main Site: (accessible via
React app in separate repo:

I want to reach my react app when I navigate to

I’m currently trying to do it with a netlify.toml that is on my main site.
from = “/work/expense-tracker/*”
to = “
status = 200
force = true

When I navigate to

  • the url should stay as
  • expense tracker should be displayed


  • blank page
  • network tab seems to show that the js chinks can’t be found
  • The browser tab title shows title from expense app but favicon from root app

Network tab:

You need to tell create-react-app that your tracker is going to be hosted in a nested directory. Try adding "homepage": "" to the tracker app’s package.json file.

This should fix the paths for the tracker’s static files.

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You need to include a proxy for static files that does not force the redirect. I use this pattern in a couple projects. above your current redirect line, add this redirect:

from = “/work/expense-tracker/static/*”
to = “”
status = 200
force = false

Also, inside your expense-tracker you should do ONE OF THESE (not both):

  • inside package.json add "homepage": "/work/expense-tracker/" attribute
  • add an environment variable PUBLIC_URL=/work/expense-tracker

(I use the Environment variable because it keeps development at the root.)