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Rest In Peace, Frank Taillandier - Jamstack Paris

I’m sad to have to pass along the news that @Frank , early forums member, Jamstack Paris organizer, overall Jamstack champion, has passed away and is no longer with us. I’m very sad to hear this news.

I emailed a bunch with Frank in the early days of starting these forums, and had a chance to meet him once at Jamstack Conf in London. He was a lovely guy and I’m glad we got to meet. He really believed in the Jamstack approach to building sites, and in Netlify.

Please share your condolences here, and if you got to meet him, any memories that come to mind.

rest in peace frank.


here is an additional site where you can record a message to pass along to Franks family.


This is really a surprise. I have ran in a lot of the same online circles with @Frank and a very special person is an understatement for his kindness and willingness to help out the people around. He will be dearly missed in the community. Thanks for posting the heads up @perry, I’m in shock at this news. :cry:

Frank, we will definitely miss you. Rest in Peace friend.