Social Media Share for Meetups

Hey everyone - if you run a separate twitter or any other social media for your meetups, share the link here! We can all follow each other and create more buzz for the organizing work that we do.

We are working on getting a centralized jamstack twitter account set up, but until then, we can share some news from the main Netlify twitter too, but you can also help each other out by following ant RT’ing each other.

These are the ones I know of:

Hello Perry, really cool initiative! Nicolas Goutay and I are co-organizers of JAMstack Paris meetup (, we followed every account you listed.

We also created a website ( to market the event, powered with Gatsby, Netlify and Contentful. If any other city meetup is willing to create similar website, feel free to get the sources, design or whatever you need on Github : We’d be happy to share our contentful model

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this is awesome, matthieu!