We’re going Very British just a few months after the big apple. Here’s the thread to talk about all that!

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Dropping a note in here as I’ll be be at the conf. If anyone wants to meet up on the day and chat just drop me a message!

PS. Always happy to show affection as long as people are comfortable. so if you’re comfortable with fist bumps, high fives, handshakes and / or hugs then just go for it. :rainbow:


It’s not all sorted out yet but I am going to try and make it, and would of course love to meet as many London people as possible if I do!


Keep us posted! Would be really nice to chat with all sorts of people from the Netlify team!

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There should be a nice gathering if Netlifyers there. I’m already excited about it. More info will be coming soon and more speakers will be announced before long.

Looking forward to seeing you there, @DavidDarnes!


For more details: https://jamstackconf.com/london/

Will there be a more accurate schedule up on the site soon?

Hey David, I think Phil is taking some well deserved time off after being at BOTH Jam NYC and Smashing, so i’m sure he’ll update things when he’s back. Do you have a specific question or just general excitement? :slight_smile:

He’s been a busy bee :honeybee:. Just looking for a finishing time for the conference day, beings selfish as I’m booking train tickets at the minute

I’m back in the mix after a bit of a vacation. Thanks for being patient!
We’ll get a more detailed schedule up in the coming days. Even if at first it is just the outline of the days rather than a fully detailed program.

Tentatively though @DavidDarnes, the programmed content should end at 5pm (although I’d love to be able to hang out and chat with you after that over a cold drink if you don’t have to sprint to a train!)


Hope you had a nice break Phil!

Thanks for the info on timings, will look forward to seeing the full schedule of the event. Would love to catch up over a drink after the event! With it finishing at 5pm that leaves me an hour or so to catch up with yourself before zipping off for my train. Also hoping to chat with others during the day, so I’ll be making sure to make myself available during any breaks and the morning :+1: