Request to disable build on commit

Hi, could the automatic build on commit functionality be disabled for youngwork-portal. Thanks.

@luker This is something you can set yourself.
If you go to your project, then go to Deploys you can hit stop auto publishing to quickly disable auto publishing.

You can also fine tune deploy settings under Settings, Build & Deploy in the Continuous Deployment section.

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Unfortunately this isn’t what I need. I already have auto-publishing off so I can review deploys before going live. I need to turn off automatic builds because I now use GitHub actions to do my builds and I don’t want to go over the build minutes on Netlify.

bumping this, could git-commit-triggered builds be stopped for my site please.

In short, are you looking for us to unlink your site from the Git repo?

Actually yes, that would be fine too. Thanks.

we unlinked that repo for you, @luker!

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