How to stop automatic builds?

Hi, I stopped automatic deployments, but I thought that stopped automatic builds too.

That’s not the case. How to disable them?

Hi Paul,

Automatic deployments == sending your built files to the CDN; doesn’t affect any of the building as you’ve discovered.

Depending on your git provider, you can either:

  1. remove the webhooks sending to netlify (GitLab, BitBucket) in the git provider’s UI
  2. have us remove the repo association on our side if you use GitHub

If you’re in category 2, please let us know which site(s) you want disconnected. This will mean you can never build here, but could deploy via CLI, API, or Drag and Drop.

If you don’t want that behavior (e.g. you still want to build SOMETIMES), could you let me know what you are hoping to achieve so I can maybe give you a better workflow?

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