Remove "Coded by Netlify"

So, I have a website. I have got the sign up and log in fully working. (just looks REALLY ugly). When you click on the login or sign in button, it shows coded by netlify. This is in the script:
I have tried to remove it and change it on the script, but no luck. It just breaks the whole system.

Any ideas?

Hi @FF6N8Y,

The Identity Widget is open source and the source code is available here: GitHub - netlify/netlify-identity-widget: A zero config, framework free Netlify Identity widget. You can customise it to your liking and even remove the line that you want. It’s fairly simple to find it.

Do let us know if you have any more questions.

Yes, I have found it in the code, I changed the “coded by netlify” to “test”. Then, I uploaded it to my asset site, then changed the link to the script in the html code of my site.
The login and sign up option has just disappeared.

It’s definitely possible to remove it:

Just to clarify, customising the widget doesn’t fall under the scope of support and I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to publicly disclose how to do it. With that being said, it’s definitely possible, maybe some volunteers can help you or you could figure it out yourself.