Remix vite template timeout on db calls

I’ll make it short and concise:
minimal reproduction: GitHub - stormynight9/remix-vite-netlify

on Netlify it takes 10 seconds to load because of a timeout when I do a db call (API endpoint is hardcoded for you to check)

I don’t get the reason why I’m getting a timeout. It works well locally.

Same repository deployed on Vercel and it’s fast:

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Hi @stormynight9,

Thanks for reaching out!

We saw a similar issue recently here:

Could you try the solution mentioned there from Hrishikesh’s post:

The default template should now be fixed. We have tried to test it on our end and it seems to work fine. Would someone else be able to try to confirm/deny the same?

The Netlify Remix docs can be found here:

I’m using the last updated template and yet still facing the same issue. You can check the repository to make sure.

This is unrelated to Remix, but unfortunately related to Netlify Functions. We have an ongoing issue about Netlify Functions remaining open for longer than they need to causing this issue.