Lambda Timing Out

Site name: smallsweb-production

Running into an issue where our site times out. I’m not sure what request is causing it, locally the site runs fine and loads quickly.

Checking the function logs I see:

Which causes our site to crash. This only has starting happening within the last 45min or so. Let me know if you need anymore info from me!

Quick Edit:

We’re still on Remix 1.8 (have a branch to upgrade to 2.0 later this week) and thus we’re still using "@remix-run/netlify": "^1.18.1"

Hi there, as a default, lambda functions timeout on sites after 10 seconds. If you contact us at Support, we can increase this to our max of 26 seconds. I just did that for your site – you’ll just need to redeploy the site in order for the change to take effect. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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