Remix very slow

Remix Vite app is very slow on netlify but works great on vercel.

I see…





So it looks like your best bet would be hosting with Vercel.

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That’s what I’m going with right now but I’d rather use Netlify :confused:

Thank you for sharing this, it’s really interesting. I have shared this with the team internally and we’re checking what could be happening here.

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Can you try creating a site using this template:

npx create-remix@latest --template

to see if it improves things?

I ran into this issue last month migrating from older versions of Remix on netlify pre-Vite and I was missing the entry.server.tsx. I don’t think there should be a need to copy/paste the entire entry.server.tsx as that branch shows. The old version of the functions adapter pre-Vite had this as the entry.server.tsx with one line: remix-template/remix.init/entry.server.tsx at a5ca4479a1fb74b2ec126f875643c42158cbf25a · netlify/remix-template · GitHub

// entry.server.tsx
export { handleRequest as default } from "@netlify/remix-adapter";

It seems to have been removed from the netlify remix-template with the Vite upgrade but it is necessary, otherwise there is a 5 second delay added to all requests. handleRequest is still in the adapter and still needed to work around that delay.

The default template should now be fixed. We have tried to test it on our end and it seems to work fine. Would someone else be able to try to confirm/deny the same?

yes, when using the template you provided there are no speed issues.