Why netlify performance is so bad?

From the image below you can see that as soon as I switched from Vercel to Netlify the performance became awful. The average latency you get is above 2 seconds which in my opinion absolute worst a website hosting provider can do and you definitely don’t expect to get this kind of performance from a company like Netlify which is supposed really fast due to its serverless and global edge architecture. Even a $5 DO instance gives a lot better performance and latency than this. What is even the point of having all this edge and serverless functionality when you are throttling everything and latency is so high. Netlify is worsening the problems it’s supposed to solve.

Hi there, could I ask what plan your are on and the country you are accessing the site from. It may be the case that there isn’t a server located close enough to you.

Here is a list of Netlify servers for the free plan updated 24 AUG 2020

  • Frankfurt
  • Singapore
  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Sao Paolo
  • Sydney
  • Moscow

You might also relate to this post. I’m pretty sure Netlify handles serverless requests from the US by default.