Slow site response from SE asia

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I have a NextJS site that mainly has visitors from SE Asia. Is it possible to verify that my SEA visitors are being served by Netlify’s Singapore CDN? Because I am afraid that it’s not served that.

Here’s my website link:

For context, my website uses a video streaming provider that has 2 data centres (EU and SEA), and it appears to me that this provider treats my SEA visitors as EU as the streaming goes extremely slow, BUT ONLY when we’re using Netlify - and NOT when I gave them a direct link / embed outside of my Netlify side. :confused:

This tells me that the streaming provider gives the “correct” resource, but my visitors are treated as EU and not SEA.

On another note, I am currenly in Europe and the video streaming in my Netlify site works well for me! But, as I explained above, it goes painfully slow for my SEA visitors.

Another “symptom” I see is API requests to a REST API (hosted by Digital Ocean in Singapore) is super super slow too if it’s fired from Netlify, but quick from Postman.

Also, the exact same API call to heroku (in Europe) with the exact same data seems to be running a lot faster (up until 4-5 seconds faster) - this only grows my suspicion.

I’ve also just seen the stats from the streaming platform, my SEA visitors (coming from Netlify) are marked coming from the US and Germany.

Anyhow, I really need help because this makes the website pretty much unusable as it’s painfully slow. I really love Netlify but this issue is quite a major one for us, unfortunately.

Thanks a lot!! :thank_you:

hi there - i decided to move this post to a separate thread as it is a bit of a different question than the one you recently posted on!

could you possibly ask one of your SE asia visitors to capture a HAR file for us? is there a better experience with cached vs uncached files?

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Hey, yeah I figured what the problem is.

I’m using SSR (and some serverless functions too) on some of my pages, and it seems like Netlify (free tier) execute those requests from the US by default. This is the root of the “problem”.

Thanks, and feel free to close this thread if needed :slight_smile:

My solution to future readers: I think you can upgrade to a higher plan to mitigate this “issue” (?), but in my case I’ll just move my hosting somewhere other than Netlify.