Initial Server Response Time

the Initial Server Response Time, sometimes it’s over 10-12s,
my site is using NEXT_USE_NETLIFY_EDGE = “true”, so I presume the reason is the location of serverless functions,
so I request a location update for the serverless functions and If we aren’t already here: eu-central-1, this is a proper location for us.
If we are already here: eu-central-1, what can I do to improve this Initial Server Response Time for my sites. Thanks a lot.

Hi there!

Thanks for getting in touch!

Even across regions, I wouldn’t expect to see 10-12s response times, that’s very strange. Could you share the URL with me? I can look into this more for you



Hey @Seedblink,

As mentioned in the Support Ticket, please share a HAR file with us to be able to see the slow loads.