Slow initial server reponse times


my site: is a nextjs app all the pages are static, I don’t have any data fetching or SSR.

The page load time after initial response time is fast as is navigation within the site. However, it seems that when the site hasn’t been loaded for a while there is a slow server response. I experience this with Vercel but that was with SSR and quite a bit of data fetching, I’m not sure what causes this slow response.

Once I load the website on the phone/laptop then subsequent loads are quick, but just that first load takes a couple seconds.

Here is a screenshot from Lighthouse showing that slow server response and fast performance otherwise:


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Exactly the same happens to my Next 14 website: Initial load is slow, subsequent loads are fast. It appears to me that site somehow sleeps after few minutes.

Likely caused by Lambda cold starts: Lambda execution environments - AWS Lambda (

I ran into that with a previous app but I thought that would not apply with a static web app? Does that mean all apps hosted on Netlify will have this?

If it’s generating a response at runtime via a lambda then it’s not static.

No, only the ones that aren’t static.

My website is a really simple static page actually. And i still get slow server response time. My contact form uses resend email and that’s the only lambda my website have. But it’s just a modal that opens up on button click. For example, my other functionality-wise identical website on Vercel have no problems at all. What am i doing wrong?

You’re using Next.js. No Next.js site is a static site anymore, so you’re also likely suffering from the link I presented above.

“No Next.js site is a static site anymore”. Not sure about this. Take a look at my local build info:

Okay, i’ll try the static export then. Thanks.