Next.js SSR randomly taking 5+ seconds

We have a Next.js app with some SSG pages (static) and some SSR pages (server-side rendered, with getServerSideProps). The static pages respond instantly.

Every page that is using SSR will occasionally (about half the time) take an unreasonable amount of time (can be anywhere from about 3-10 seconds).

Deployed our app to Vercel and all of our SSR pages respond instantly, every time. Any particular reason this could be happening?

Hi :wave:t6:, @joe.roddy welcome back to the forums!

There could be loads of reasons it works well on vercel but not Netlify.

What does your server logs say? Can you share this ? I have also escalated your query to our help desk. Please stay tuned to your email for a resolution. :slightly_smiling_face: