Refusal to acknowledge outage

Hey - so our sites went fully down on the 9th, along with many others (judging by posts on the forums, reddit, etc. if you google the outage)

I’m pretty disappointed that an incident was logged on status page classifying “degradation” even when there were many users supplying evidence of total outage for them. The outage was serving sites, which is way more severe than the build-failures you acknowledge. It seems non-transparent & frankly when core infrastructure goes down in 2022 - the company should at the very least acknowledge it.

I get that it affects uptime stats etc. but the point of these stats is surely to reflect reality.

Imagine your site goes down & the provider flatly refuses to acknowledge it’s the case. And does a full postmortem write-up which still presents it as a relatively minor issue refuses to acknowledge there was downtime.

I don’t know why it matters so much - possibly because I think Netlify is great and non-transparency is really inconsistent with how I think of the company.

You guys do GREAT work. Really great. We’re all developers we get that stuff goes wrong - but please at least reflect it in the logs/comms.

Update: support kindly provided an explanation – basically lower-volume users who had a running build during the incident had total hosting outage.

The thing is - free users also have day-jobs with big enterprises. Serving is critical infrastructure. (Building is less critical).

If there’s a hosting outage nut it only affects a subset of users, that’s a “partial outage”. The status page has a partial-outage tag, and that should be the categorization regardless of how significant the users are commercially.

I really appreciate the private write-up of what happened in the specific case of some users… but there shouldn’t be a difference in the official story vs. the unofficial much more severe incident you get from contacting support. It just feels really off-brand for Netlify who is a super-transparent company.