React Route params not working after deployment

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the link above is the netlify url
the app works ok on localhost but not after i deployed it

Hi @minnez

The site loads fine for me. What part of it in particular is not working?

Create a user and login
It stops loading when you click on a blog to read

Rather than me having to create a user, do you have a demo user login for testing?

I can see this behaviour.

It appears a POST request is made when the dashboard loads. When a post it selected, no request is made to retrieve the content of it. However there are no errors or warnings to work from.

Do you have a public repository you can share?

Password: qwertyuiop

The code works fine in local host

Have you only tried npm start or have you done a production build and tested this?

For example:
npm run build followed by npx serve build will run the compiled production-ready app (not run in dev mode.)

Also note, the all the firebase details (apiKey, host, apiID, etc.) are all visible client-side—they are embedded in the code. Check out:

I’ll try the build and get back to you