React Routes work on local but not Netlify

Hey Netlify Community,
I’m having a lot of trouble with this app. My routes aren’t working & I keep hitting the Netlify 404 page. I’m not seeing what’s wrong on this. I tried a netlify.toml & _redirects in my public folder.

This is a react app & I use yarn start in my terminal to run this, here is my repo

I’ve tried these debugging:


Hi, @rickyhaswifi. This site (the first URL in your post) is working when I test now. Did you fix this with a more recent deploy?

If this issue is not resolved, would you please tell us how to reproduce the issue? (For example, where to click to see a route not working.)

I made a Youtube video with the solution to help all understand


awesome, thanks for that!

this worked for me. thanks

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