LogIn doesnt work on netlify, but works on local

Hello everyone,

I have developed a website and we send get/set requests to a server.

On the client project we have created a _redirects folder and added the IP of the server on a variable then use them on the project, it worked.

But in the admin panel project, it works fine on local, but when we again create _redirects folder, the authentication doesn’t work. when I type username and password, it responds with a 404.

Do we need to do something extra for authentication instead of _redirects?

Thank you.

Hey there, @ekimcem :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! Could you please share the contents of the _redirects folder as well as the site where this is happening? This will help us look into this further for you.

Dear hillary,

Thank you for contacting me.

We have solved the problem, I think there was a problem while we build the React application, after some restarts and rebuilds of deploy everything worked fine.

The problem was our fault.

Thank you anyway for replying our ticket.


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Glad to know everything is working smoothly now. Happy building! :rocket: