Routing Links not working in netlify build, but working local build

Bumping this as I posted in the middle of the night and I dont think many people saw that.

Site name: elaborate-malabi-033f67
Site domain:

Strange Bug!

Hey all, first time poster but I’m having some issues with my react app. Using React Router and Routes to link web pages like /CONNECT and /WORK. Running a local server with ‘npm start’ & ‘npm run build’, I have no issues, I can click on the various routes in the navbar of my website and it behaves perfectly. I then make sure my website is built on the latest git deploy and test it there. The strangest thing is the /WORK works as intended but I’m getting 404 no found on /CONNECT even though it just worked when I built the project locally. (yes I double checked that netlify is building the same version). Also the button isn’t broken because I can just type domain/CONNECT and force jump.

Any ideas on what might be causing this? Scratching my head over here.

Your question is answered in the documentation: