Rate limiting bots? (20000 visits every few days)

Every few days I get 20000 visits from a bot in the Netherlands. The bot isn’t crawling the site, it’s just visiting one page 20000 times. It also requests the favicon.ico and apple-touch-icon.png.

The page is relatively small and it doesn’t cost me any money, but I’d like to stop it anyway, as each time it does this is uses enough electricity to power my laptop for 140 days — and frankly I just think it’s wasteful.

Is there any way of rate limiting bots like this? Or blocking it? Or just appeasing it?

…and does any one have any idea what it could be doing?

hi @ShadowfaxRodeo - how strange! is it maybe a scraper - does the page it visits contain anything worth scraping?

generally speaking, our policy at Netlify has been that we don’t limit traffic to sites on our service, but I do agree this sounds wasteful.

can you tell me a bit more about the bot? do you have an IP address?

Hi @perry, sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for your help. I’m using Netlify Analytics, so the infomation I’ve given you is pretty much it. Unless there’s a way of getting the IP address. I know it’s in the Netherlands.

Here’s the page: Pattern Generator.

I guess you could write a scraper for generating patterns, but I’m not sure why anyone would do that, it would be quite difficult to build. There would also be a much easier way of doing it.