Relatively new Netlify site is getting too many requests

Hi folks. So I ran into a bit of an odd issue. A site I am maintaining for a client (, otherwise listed as: is getting a plethora of requests despite it being a splash page. This was a small WordPress site that was hacked in the past before I took it over and decided to display it set as a static HTML page in the interim.

I am about to hit the 125,000 request limit despite the site not even remotely popular and way too niche to ever have more than 10 visitors a month.

The builds are fine and I’ve not had any issues with my other Netlify hosted sites, but these amounts of requests are extremely unusual. I wanted to know if there are any steps I can take to either limit the traffic or what would be a good first step I can take for the moment while I try for a more long-term solution.

hey there mcespo,

sorry it took us a while to respond! Congrats on being unexpectedly popular :+1: is this positive traffic trajectory continuing?

The philosophical approach we follow is to opt to keep sites online and reachable (as opposed to simply taking sites offline when a certain traffic threshold is reached) but you may want to investigate other options to understand your traffic use.

have you used netlify or google analytics to try and understand if the traffic follows a certain pattern?