There's a bot acessing my website

I can see on Google Analytics that there’s a computer from Warsaw (Poland) acessing my website dozens of times per day (600 times in the last 7 days). I’m from Brazil and it’s not normal to see this acess.

How can I block it? I don’t know what else they can do. It’s also consumig my quote.

@brunomioto Do you have any kind of custom uptime monitoring set up on your site?

600 times over 7 days would be approximately once every 15 minutes which is a fairly frequent uptime monitoring duration.

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I didn’t setup anything. Just saw it on my Google analytics reports.

@brunomioto That’s fine, I was just checking.

The graph you have pretty clearly indicates it spiked too, not a steady rhythm of requests.

I believe the current recommendation from Netlify is that you use Edge Functions to block traffic, see:

That site is not hosted on Netlify (unless you moved it in the past 6 days).