Support for Bandwidth Usage Issues - Malicious Bot Attack

Hi Team,

I’ve raised a few issues now and need an answer ASAP on this - I currently have a business account that I pay a lot of money for and I have no visibility or means of stopping a huge influx of bot traffic chewing up my bandwidth budget.

This started on the 9th of April and appears to be escalating and I’m concerned I’m going to be left with a monumental bandwidth budget if something isn’t done about this as soon as possible.

I can’t see any means for me to help block this traffic from my part so it will likely have to be done at an infra-level. Are you able to look into this and provide me with an answer?

If I’m not left with an answer I’m going to be faced with having to migrate my entire site away from your services to something that does provide me with some form of protection.

Many thanks,

Hey there, @ElliotForbes :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums. I understand how this is a pressing matter. I see your two helpdesk tickets from today and assure you that our team is aware of the issue and are actively looking into it. They will respond as soon as they are able to.