Question about bandwith

Hi i have a question? Does netlify count bandwith limit to Netlify DNS also or not?

Bandwidth is just counted on web traffic.

If you are getting enough DNS queries to use up a substantial amount of bandwidth, we’ll probably get in touch though to ask you to stop it since we do pay for those for you, and have some limits on how much we’d be able to handle without you chipping in.

However - even our very high traffic customers have never gotten that many queries so unless you were attacked for days straight, it is extremely unlikely that you’d use that many queries :slight_smile:

Ok thamks my account will be suspended or my site will ne paused if i will reach bandwith limit and i havent got added credit card on account?

A bandwidth add-on will be added automatically if you don’t manually disable the sites before hand. If this add-on is then not paid for, the account and all sites will eventually be suspended.

There currently is no way to set a limit and auto-suspend sites when the free limits are reached. Being able to do this is a common request and we have a feature request open for this. I can add you to the existing feature request if you also want us to add this capability.

If there are other questions or if we should add you to the feature request, please let us know.