What happens when bandwidth is exceeded?

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I’m using Netlify for the first time for hosting a client’s website and wanted to ask what happens in the event we exceed the 100GB bandwidth limit in a given month?

For example, if the website suddenly receives a high number of visitors and we exceed the bandwidth, would that lead to the website being suspended for access? Or would we be automatically billed and the site would keep running?

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I can’t give you an official answer because I don’t work for or officially speak on behalf of Netlify, but pretty much everything at Netlify that I’ve interacted with operates on the “You always start at the bottom and your usage will kick in tiers as you hit them” – meaning that your first 100GB are free but when you exceed that you’d automatically be billing for overages. Per the pricing page, when on the Free / “Starter” tier, every extra 100GB is $20.


Welp I googled it and found this https://www.netlify.com/blog/2019/02/26/netlify-and-bandwidth/
Looks like I was right :rofl: here’s to Netlify’s consistent standards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Extra bandwidth can be purchased in blocks of 100GB/mo for $20 each. Starting in April, these charges will automatically be applied as you consume bandwidth beyond your plan limits.

Hi Jon, that’s perfect, thank you so much! I tried looking for the answer myself but seemed I missed that page!

That’s great, exactly what we want to happen. Thank you so much again and have a fab weekend! :blush:

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