Published Deploys and Live Previews have stopped working after Manual Deployment

I’m one of the maintainers of React Bootstrap, and recently our CD and live previews integrations have stopped working altogether.

I first thought it was an issue with our configuration for the build contexts, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

I then looked at the last deploy preview and the last automated production deployment to see if there are any issues there, but no luck.

I then took a look at the last manual deployment, and I did notice that the cache may have been cleared for this deployment, but otherwise didn’t give me any more hints (other than that there hasn’t been an an automated deployment since this manual deployment).

Any ideas on what could be causing this issue?

This is quite frustrating for us as it’s slowing down our velocity for doc changes while also blocking any netlify-specific work (since we can’t verify the PR changes without the live preview).

Sounds like it might have come “unhooked”. I wonder if you could try “edit settings” there in your screenshot, and then “link to a different repository” (that link appears while editing), only, link to the same repository to “reconnect”.

You will likely need admin permissions on the react-bootstrap GH organization to complete the setup, so make sure you have someone standing by with that if that isn’t you.

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That seems to have done the trick! After updating one of the branches that’s associated with a PR, it was auto-deployed :tada:

Thank you so much for the support :slightly_smiling_face: