The preview works but the site published don't

Hi there, I’m having a weird issue with the deployment of my site.

All my builds succeed and the preview works well (I can see the app and use it without trouble). The thing is that the published version doesn’t work and shows a ‘Page Not Found’ error.

If I change the site domain, the published version automatically works, I think it’s something related to the CDN but I’m not sure.

Examples bellow:

Any help will be welcome.


this is what i can see:

is this what you were expecting?

You seem to be trying to compare two different pages. Your first URL goes to the sign-in page, but your second one goes to your index.html page. Do you have an index.html page?

Yes!! I just tried with a VPN (using Canada) and works but it doesn’t with my actual location (Uruguay).

Any idea?

Sorry! Already edited :+1:

Thanks for all that debugging! I found that one of our Sao Paolo CDN nodes had the 404 cached, and got that cleared out so all nodes now look reliable/identical.

Further, we shipped a probable fix for the bug that causes that so hopefully won’t happen again (but it only happened on very new sites, I think, so maybe you wouldn’t have run into it again :))

Please let me know if you don’t see better behavior now!

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