Deployment working in preview not working in production

Hi, we are experiencing a caching issue with the production CDN edges of Netlify for the third time. The problem was first reported and detailed on October 15th. The last report was done by developers using the library on [docs] Netlify hosting edges caching issue · Issue #23830 · mui/material-ui · GitHub.

For instance, when loading React Alert component - Material UI on the production env, most of the requests are in 404 (x-nf-request-id: 0d9a4cbb-2c24-445b-aa4d-be7953cbc9b4-161894025). But when loading the same build on the preview URL, everything works well. It prevents our audience of developers to use the documentation correctly.

The last time, the issue was investigated by Netlify engineers, they pinpointed the issue around an instability of Netlify’s CDN edges when proxies are used without pointing to a production deployment. I believe we have solved this env aspect already.

How can we fix this issue once and for all?

hi @oliviertassinari, did you write in to the helpdesk regarding this issue already?

Yes, I have sent a message on an older Zendesk ticket too.

Is it related to the issue React faces